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hello & welcome!

I'm Jen aka the baby whisperer!  I love capturing it all on camera and cherish the incredible relationships with my clients.  


My goal is to make it fun while capturing you simply being you!  The real moments are the most important, and they're the ones that will last forever.  If you look back in 20 years and still remember the feel of your daughter's hair, the smell of your newborn's skin, or the boisterous laugh of your teenage son that makes you tear up, I have done my job. 


A little about me...I am a wife and mother to four amazing kids.  They truly drive the inspiration for my work!  We recently relocated to Chester County, PA and still get excited at the sight of a horse and buggy.  (Although I will always be a Jersey girl at heart!)   I spend most of my time outdoors, would gladly give up all my earthly possessions to travel the world, and have an overwhelming weakness for chocolate!  But, most importantly... I love capturing timeless images for families!

Contact Jen today for more session information.

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