My Gold Award Project

In 2020, our country faced a pandemic in which our schools had to follow social distancing and mask wearing protocols. For my Gold Award project, I focused on providing fun, yet safe spaces in which the Children at Pope John Paul Regional Catholic Elementary School could use as an alternative to indoor learning. I created a total of 2 outdoor classrooms each with individually made wooden logs as seats. Each seat was measured and placed six feet from the other in order to abide social distancing protocols. Each classroom also has a walkway of colorfully painted stones leading up to the classrooms so they are easily viewable and accessible. During these stressful times we are currently experiencing, I felt it was important to provide some sort of relief to the staff and students and Pope John Paul by providing them with a space they can use and enjoy both now and in the future. 

Classroom 1

Classroom 2

Interested in making an outdoor classroom for your school?  Click here for instructions!