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Newborn Portrait Experience

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one!

They are only this tiny for so long, so your newborn photography session is designed to capture just how small and perfect they are in this moment.

Newborn sessions are held within the comfort of your own home so you can relax while watching every precious detail being photographed.  All of our props, backdrops, and adorable newborn outfits are available for your choosing.  Each newborn photography session is designed around your family and style so that you will have beautiful memories decorating your home for years to come!


Newborn Collections


3 hour portrait session

baby and family poses

full selection of backdrops, outfits and props

private online viewing gallery

entire gallery of digital images to download

custom 8x8 album



3 hour portrait session

baby and family poses

full selection of backdrops, outfits and props

private online viewing gallery

entire gallery of digital images to download



3 hour portrait session

baby and family poses

full selection of backdrops, outfits and props

private online viewing gallery

10 digital images to download


1 hour portrait session

baby only poses

selection of backdrops and wraps

private online viewing gallery

5 digital images to download



Additional digital images, wall art and albums can be purchased directly from your image gallery.

20% deposit is due to secure your date on the calendar.  Balance is due at time of session.  Payment plans are available.


What to expect
at your newborn session!

Those first few days with a newborn are so precious!  And it is my goal to help capture those moments so that you can cherish those tiny details for years to come.  Here is what you can expect throughout the newborn portrait process!

Let's pencil you in ~

So many details to prepare for in anticipation of the arrival of your little one, and I highly recommend that booking your portrait session be one of them.  It is easiest if you contact me once you begin your third trimester.  This will give us plenty of time to chat and fully customize the newborn session for you.  

Happy Birthday ~

Congratulations!  It is so exciting getting to meet your new little one.  Once you know that you and your baby will be settling in at home, simply message me to let me know of your precious one's arrival.  We will then go ahead and plan the best date for your session.  Ideally newborn sessions are scheduled within the first 14 days after birth and typically these sessions take place in the morning.  (No worries though if the session needs to be scheduled after the first two weeks, they are still sweet and snuggly at any age!)  

Location ~

Things are hectic enough after welcoming a new baby into your family so I bring everything to your home for the session!  Most living rooms have plenty of space to set up my posing bed and lighting.  You are able to then curl up on your own couch and watch as your little one is photographed.  Since newborns tend to not like being undressed for very long, I will also bring along a space heater to make them a little cozier!  

Feeding ~

With baby's ever growing tummy, they tend to stick to a pretty tight feeding schedule those first few days.  For this reason, I ask that you plan to feed your little one just before I arrive.  This way they will be super sleepy throughout the session.  However, if they do wake and are hungry, we can simply take a break for them to fill their tummies again.  

What to wear ~

Since diaper changes usually aren't a newborns favorite activity, I recommend putting a clean diaper on just before they are fed.  No need to get them back into their favorite onesie though, you can simply leave them undressed and swaddled up in a blanket.  This will make the transition a little easier when I begin posing them.

Safety ~

Your little one's safety is my utmost priority during the portrait session.  All eyes and hands will be kept around your little one the entire session.  During the session, I will be wrapping and posing baby with the same care as if they were my own.  Some images that you might desire are actually digitally composited as I would never compromise your newborn's safety.  

Miscellaneous ~

I will bring along all of the backdrop fabrics, wraps, and outfits.  However if there is anything special that you would like to include in the images, please have it available so that I can plan accordingly.  Also, if your little one has taken a pacifier before, it always helps to have one nearby...just in case!

Parents ~

As much as it's my goal to make your little one comfortable during the session, I also want you to be comfortable and at ease.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and if there is anything else that I can do for you to make this a smooth journey for you.  I am truly honored to be welcomed into your home to capture your little one's first images!

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