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5 Tips for Cake Smash Success!

Your little one's first year is full of amazing milestones and a cake smash session is one of the best ways to celebrate! Here are a few tips to make their first birthday session a smashing success!

Tip 1

No sleepy babies! For the most fun, try to schedule your cake smash session either first thing in the morning or right after nap time. We all know a sleepy baby is not a happy baby. This way baby will have plenty of energy to play and enjoy their cake!

Tip 2

Embrace the mess! While your little one may be hesitant to dive right in at first, be prepared to help them make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Clapping and cheering as baby gets the hang of the "smash" part of "cake smash" will help them get comfortable with playing with their food (just this once!). Encourage them to go to town on their cake! The pictures will make the mess worth it, I promise.

Tip 3

Fancy cake, shmancy cake! Although fancy cakes are beautiful (and fun to photograph!), tiny fingers have trouble getting through elaborate decorations. On top of that, a fancy cake will cost way more than something you can whip up at home. Skip the fondant and sprinkles and opt for yummy buttercream. The squishier, the better!

Tip 4

Prepare for change... a change of clothes that is! Once your little one has enjoyed their cake it's a good idea to have a towel or wipes on hand to clean up. A quick change of clothes at the ready will prevent baby from being a mess for too long.

Tip 5

Pregame, pregame, pregame! Hungry babies will be excited for cake, but they may not be so friendly to the camera. While it won't be long before they are stuffing their mouths with cake, it's best to feed them a little beforehand. And keep that sippy cup nearby as the session continues. Cake makes little ones thirsty!

Is your little one getting ready to turn ONE? More information on cake smash sessions can be found here! Feel free to contact me so that we can chat about how best to capture your Baby's 1st Birthday.

They will only be this little once...

XOXO ~ Jen

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