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5 Fail-Safe Ways to get Your Kids to Smile!

We all know the drill, right? Your kids are dressed in their Sunday best and you want to capture the perfect moment. You gather them up and instinctively everybody says “smile,” then cringes when each adorable kiddo shows off their best grimace. It might seem impossible to avoid this, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…kids give their most authentic smiles when they aren’t posing for the camera. Here are 5 ways to bring out their natural happiness without saying cheese!

Bucks County Family Photographer

1- Get Down on Their Level and Chat!

First and foremost, get down on the child’s level and interact with them in a calm, but engaging way. Just think about how terrifying it is to have an adult looming over you with a camera. By being down on their level, you help them to relax. Then, you have to get them talking! Ask them about their favorite things or something silly they have done recently. You’ll instantly see them light up as they tell you about their latest adventure!

Bucks County Family Photographer


Have a child that’s camera shy? No worries! Engage them in a game of peek-a-boo! They can easily use their hands, stuffed animal or even a tree to hide behind. It’s amazing how much joy a little one feels just by jumping out and yelling “boo!” This easy-to-do game is sure to get your child smiling in no time.

3- Turn that Frown Upside Down

Instead of telling them to smile, tell them to try super hard not to smile. It may sound silly, but it turns out that kids have a super hard time trying to hold in their smiles…and that brings out the cutest grins!

Bucks County Family Photographer

4- Words that End in “Y”

Why? It’s the same concept as having them say “cheese” as it naturally makes their mouths form a smile (but without the forced cheesy face!). Say happy, hairy, crazy, funny…you name it! Not only will the word help make a natural smile, but the sillier the word the better the child’s reaction to it.

Bucks County Family Photographer

5-Potty Talk

When all else fails throw in some potty talk. Seriously, I have yet to meet a child who is can keep a straight face at the mention of poop. Have a little fun, throw in some silly noises and they’ll be besides themselves in no time!

So what do you think? Ready to capture your kids happiness now!

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