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Simple tips for capturing your baby's first photos { Jennifer Heinz Photography }

baby's first photos

Congrats on becoming a mama! It is truly a magical time when your baby makes their arrival into this world. Here are a few tips to help you easily capture these first few days with your little one!

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1: Getting Ready

Less is more when it comes to getting little one ready for their first photos. A dry diaper and full tummy are truly the keys to success! Most babies will happily drift off to dreamland right after a feeding making it the perfect time to capture their images. No need to worry about the perfect outfit either. A simple white onesie or solid color swaddle blanket will keep all the focus on your sweet, little one's features.

newborn photography

2: Find the light

Once baby is settled, look towards the light. Natural light is the best when trying to photograph your little one. Open the curtains to let the sunlight in and bring baby close to the window. A good rule of thumb is to let the light hit baby's face at a 45 degree angle.

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3: All about the angles

When baby is happy and content near the light, let her be. Move yourself around and capture your little one from several different perspectives. Aim your camera (or phone) so that you are looking down upon your little one. This will be much more flattering then when the camera is looking straight up baby's nose. Feel free to play with all the different angles around your precious one!

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4: Document the details

Those tiny baby features are everything. Don‘t forget to capture those tiny toes and fingernails. Zoom in on their perfect faces to document those long lashes and pouty lips. You'll be amazed at just how much those details change in the first few weeks.

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5: Get in the picture

Don't forget to include mom and dad in the photos as well! It’s certainly hard feeling camera ready after giving birth, but trust me you (and your little one) will love having these images to look back on. Hand the camera to dad (or a nurse) and snuggle up with your little one. Hold baby close to your face for a sweet photo or two. Be sure to switch and capture a few with the proud papa, too! The amazing thing about these images is that there are no rules about having to put on make-up or the perfect outfit. These are purely real moments of you bonding with your baby for the first time. I can assure you that years from now, your child won't care what your hair looks like, but will simply cherish the image of their mama!

Enjoy those first few days with your precious baby. These moments are fleeting, but capturing them in photographs allows those memories to last forever!

Are you expecting a little one soon and looking for a newborn photographer in Chester County? More information on newborn portrait sessions can be found here! Feel free to contact me so that we can chat about how best to capture your baby's arrival.

They will only be this little once...

XOXO ~ Jen

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